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Chemical Testing Service
Our company has a team of experts who use several laboratory methods to evaluate, identify and test steroid, antimicrobial activity, etc. The chemical testing service is rendered in a way that accurate reports are provided to customers. 
Testing Service
In our testing service segment, we render water testing and analytical testing services. These services demand right equipment and trained personnel; and we have both strengths to render such services. 
HPLC Testing Service
In order to render HPCL testing service, the personnel at Aum Research Labs Private Limited maintain high standards. They utilize latest technology to study samples and provide test results. 
Elvita Pro Syrup
Elvita Pro Syrup is a natural dietary supplement that can boost energy, and provide protein, minerals, antioxidants and several vitamins, like B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid. Those with the deficiency of any vitamin or mineral can take this syrup. 
AXSPI Skin Food

AXSPI Skin Food cream can prevent and treat acne, and is good at preventing & reducing the ageing signs. This skin care cream is rich in antioxidants.

AXSPI Hair Food
Give your hair AXSPI Hair Food to make then strong and healthy. Anybody who has hair issues can try these oil free protein supplements. This liquid solution is packaged in a bottle.
C Phycocyanin Powder
C Phycocyanin Powder is a food grade blue colour powder that has pharmacological properties. It can be used in dietary supplements. 
Arthritis Remedies
When you search for arthritis remedies, you will find highly effective AXRA OR Tablets. These are effective in repairing cartilage, reducing pain, improving joint flexibility, etc. 
Spirulina Tablet
AXRA BLUE tablets is a Sprilunas tablet that works as a natural tonic food. These tablets are recommended to be taken daily to maintain glucose level, reduce cholesterols, to get a dose of protein, mineral and vitamin B12. 
Health Supplements
The company has in store health supplements that can be consumed by both men and women. The CB+ tablets are formulated using extracts of natural ingredients and these ensure well-being of people.